Coon Camp Springs Habitat Restoration Project (CCSHRP)  Contact us at [email protected]
Sponsors Page
Here you will find the names of our sponsors. Each of these sponsors has
contributed funding or labor on an individual project. By clicking on the
names of the corporate sponsors, you will be taken to their webpage so you
can learn more about what they do.
Bob and Paul
Bob and Paul have been two of
my most dedicated volunteers.
Not only have they worked on
every project, they are also two of
our board members.
Costa Azul Adventure Resort
The owners of Costa Azul
donated two 5 day adventure
packages for two toward the
overall project funding. These
packages were auctioned off to
the highest bidder and the
proceeds were applied toward
grass seed purchases.
Midnight Harvesting - The forester team that is helping me get rid of the   
  Junipers. This project would take forever without their help.
Phillip L. - Several weekends of labor. A weekend of driving the ATV. One
long weekend of putting up signs. Several weekends of putting up fence.
One of our board members. Two weeks of guiding hunters.
Bill M. - Two weekends of labor
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Paul M. - Several weekends of labor, great kitchen tent setup for meals
during gatherings. Bales of hay for archery targets. Taught me how to
errect fencing "Cowboy Style". One of our board members.
Bob O. - Several weekend of labors, he drives all the up from Temecula,
what a guy! Donated several two 300 gal. water totes and some 50 gal.
barrels. One of our board members
Jesse M - Weekend of labor, three 50 gal. barrels used to create our
Ray L. - Two weekends of labor and frozen fingers from the motorcycle ride
Charlie and Clavel F. $50.00
Ken P. -Donated a Chevy 3/4 ton truck to the project. It has been a great    
  tool for doing the small Juniper work on the property. Kenny has also          
 donated a pop-up camper that has been set up in the camp.
Pastor Mike Trimble: Harvest Freewill Babtist Church in American
Canyon donated a large trailer to the project. It will be an asset for hauling
tools and supplies to the property.
June T. - Donated $200.00 to assist in the purchase of seeds.
Cindy and Nick T. - purchased the Costa Azul adventure packages for
$1600.00. Thank you Cindy and Nick. That will pay the taxes and buy some
Lonnie - Several days of labor helping build the out-house and helping to
put the cabin boxes together.
Dan - A Saturday of labor helping put the cabin boxes together.
Harry - A couple days helping put the cabin boxes together.
Kat - Helped with the boxes and performed camp photographer duties.
Peggy - Several weekends helping out. Performed camp musician duties.
And she gives me lots of moral support on this task I have taken on
Randall, Tyler and Joe all came up for the 2007 Memorial Day weekend.
They all helped with planting 600 tree seedlings. Tyler and Joe also did
their best on chasing the coyotes away :).
Ron also helped out on planting the tree seedlings.
The USF&W Service has
approved a Partners for Fish and
Wildlife grant for the project.
Visit the
California USF&WS
The Hungry Owl Project.
The owners of the
Hungry Owl project
donated the plans for owl
and hawk nesting boxes.
Many Thanks.
California Department of
Fish and Game
CA DFG is helping to fund
our project through their
PLM program.
Many thanks to Jesse's for
letting me advertise on his
web site.
Many of our volunteers are
JHO members.
Many thanks to Monster
Muleys for letting me
advertise on their web page.
A-Way was has made a nice
donation of turkey call boxes to
our 2008 fund raising drive. Thank
you A-Way
The driving force behind the project. Phillip, Paul,
Bob and Dave. Our volunteer Board of Directors. We
all spend many weekends a year, putting up fences,
digging water holes, planting browse plants, making
wildlife brush piles, and many more steps of our
Charles made a generous donation of $100.00 to or 2008 fund raising drive.
Moultrie was kind enough
to help us out by giving us
a discount on some of
their trail cameras. Thank
you Moultrie!
The Tehama County 4h Program - conducted a 4H Youth
Environmental weekend on the property. They helped us expand our
nursery irrigation system and then planted over 100 seedling fruit and
berry trees.