Coon Camp Springs Habitat Restoration (CCSHR)   Contact us at [email protected]
Coon Camp Springs Inc. was established for the purpose of conducting wildlife habitat restoration. The project we are working on presently is
taking place on 7,000 acres of high desert land that is approximately 50 miles north of Susanville, Ca. This habitat is used by the local deer,
antelope, bear, coyote, rabbit, eagle, quail, grouse, waterfowl and various other species of mammals, birds and reptiles.

This land has been used for grazing cattle for the last 80 plus years. Cattle compete with the wildlife for the plants that provide the most caloric
value. The cattle also compete with the wildlife for water and they foul the water to the extent that the wildlife can not use it.  Forest fires have not
been allowed to burn naturally in California forests for over 100 years. This has caused the natural cycle of the land to be broken, allowing invasive
plant species to push out the plant species that the wildlife need to remain healthy. These factors along with others have caused the natural
habitat to degrade and therefore provide less and less sustenance for the local wildlife.

Our goal is to reverse this downward trend and to try to bring the wildlife habitat back to being a vital resource to the wildlife. The project includes
greatly reducing the invading plant species (Juniper trees), stimulating existing food species, planting seed for plant species that the wildlife need
for nourishment, developing and protecting water sources and several other large and small projects.

Please explore the various pages of our website. Here you will be able to learn how we are working to restore the natural vitality to the property. You
can find before and after pictures of various steps of the restoration process. You can find descriptions of ongoing projects and plans for future

Visit our Sponsors Page and you will see who is helping us with this project and you can also find out how you can help.
Why are we here??? To help the wildlife as much as possible.