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                          Report from spring 2010

I have been up to the project four times so far this year.
Winter has been really hanging on which makes it tough
to do much except work around the camp.  We have
gotten more than half of the outside paneling put up.
I have been having some health problems so far this year so I
have not been able to organize and large gatherings. I am
hoping to put something together for the Labor Day weekend.

Lots of room for tents, trailers, cots, whatever your desire for
sleeping quarters.

If this will be your first visit, send me an email and I will give you
Paul and his son Chris
Click any picture for a
larger view.
Paul, Chris and I also planted 80 some fence posts
that weekend.
I went up on the weekend of the 8th and planted 40 some fence posts, worked around the camp and then
walked around the property trying to find all of the trail cameras I set out last November. I found all but one. It
is still out there, We will just have to keep looking for it. Thats what I get for not having my GPS with me when I
put them out. Below are just a few of the pictures I recovered.
If you have never seen the high desert in Spring, or even if you have, you should come up and experience it. Although Spring is
going strong in the low lands, it is just getting started up here. The wildflowers are starting to bloom and lots of different plants
are just starting to pop up.