ASTA Encourages Travel Advisors to Contact Local Legislators

The American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) is urging members to reach out to their Governors and state legislators for relief amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

In a message to travel advisors, ASTA called the ongoing crisis “the biggest challenge our industry has ever seen, 9/11 included.”

ASTA has established an online portal that advisors can use to reach out to their local government in a matter of minutes

“In the coronavirus crisis, we are facing the biggest challenge our industry has ever seen, 9/11 included,” ASTA stated. “While we are working on a number of proposals being discussed at the federal level to provide assistance to the travel industry and the broader economy, we can’t forget about state governments, which will play a key role in the response effort.”

“ASTA’s staff and outside lobbyists are working nonstop and doing everything they can to get relief for our industry, but your elected representatives at both the federal and state level need to hear from you during this time of crisis,” the organization added.

The prepared message states that there are $7 billion in Small Business Administration (SBA) disaster loans available and encourages a push for a program similar to the one implemented by New York City, where small businesses are eligible for interest-free loans. The message also seeks tax relief initiatives such as payroll tax suspension, deferrals, carryback of losses and policies to help laid-off employees.

Visit to contact your local legislators or for more information.

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