Cruise guests offer valuable warning for first timers – ‘completely different vibe’

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One first time cruiser asked for advice on Reddit. They wanted to know how long they should travel for.

They said: “I have basically unlimited time between December to March so my mind is filled with fun travels to take and getting wrecked on a cruise without having to be in charge of every little detail really seems like my kind of party.”

Crew on cruise ships will take care of everything for their guests so passengers can really relax.

One regular guest said: “For the first time, go for four or five days, a week tops, just to get your feet wet.

“It’s better to be stuck on a ship for a couple more days instead of a couple more weeks.”

While cruising is a popular holiday option, it’s not the right choice for everyone. Some passengers may find they get sea sick.

Others might get ‘cabin fever’ on sea days. Spending time at sea can be very fun but it’s not to everyone’s taste.

Another guest added: “It’s good to start with a little taste test to make sure you enjoy the cruise vibe and also in case you get sea sick.

“Then you can test run some remedies without missing out on any of your bucket list trip!”

A short trip will allow a new cruiser to see if they like it before committing to a long overseas voyage.

It’s also a good way to try out different cabins. Although interior rooms might be cheaper, some passengers will feel claustrophobic.

However, some passengers advised new guests to take short cruises as the demographic on a longer trip would be very different.

One person said: “My sweet spot is seven days. Shorter than that and it feels over too quickly. Longer than that and the demographic changes drastically. If you want to do longer book seven days back to back.”

Another person added: “I just want to throw out there that short cruises are going to have a completely different vibe and demographic than longer cruises.

“From my experience the short four-five day cruises are pretty much booze-cruises.

“If that’s your jam, have at it. I usually do seven-day (Caribbean or Mediterranean) cruises and that’s just long enough for me.

“I recently came off of my first 12-day cruise and it was… different. Most of the other guests were avid cruisers, it’s not just a vacation for them, it’s a lifestyle.

Longer cruises may attract an older audience as retired people may have more time to take a holiday.

Party-loving cruisers may prefer a slightly shorter journey if they want to be with like-minded guests.

However, cruise lines all have their own unique vibe and some will be more suited to younger guests.

It’s a good idea to check out the amenities and activities on offer on board to get a feel of the ship’s vibe.

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