Cruise guests reveal what every passenger should pack – ‘really pricey’ to forget

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Cruise holidays are extremely popular with British tourists, many of whom opt for a Mediterranean or Caribbean itinerary. While every passenger will know to pack a swimming costume and towel, there are a few items that are easily forgettable.

One Reddit user asked cruise experts what they should pack “that might not be obvious”.

They said they were a “first time cruiser” with a 10 day Caribbean voyage booked visiting Curacao, Dominica and many other exciting destinations.

One user ‘angelsil’ said: “I’ve been on nearly twenty cruises and I’m still figuring out exactly what I need and want.”

They recommended: “Magnetic hooks. You can use them to hand toiletry bags or handbags/backpacks, wet clothes or many other things. The walls on the cabin are magnetic.”

Cruise cabins are often pretty small so travellers can save on space by bringing a few magnetic hooks.

It’s also a great way to dry wet swimming clothes after a dip in the cruise ship pool or jacuzzi.

The user added: “Towel clips for securing your towel to your chair on the deck or balcony.”

It’s easy to forget that it could be very windy on deck when the cruise liner is out at sea. Savvy guests who pack clips won’t lose their towel overboard if the wind picks up.

Another user said it’s really important not to forget one cruise holiday essential if travellers want to keep costs down.

They said: “Sunscreen. We forgot ours and it was really pricey on the cruise ship.”

Once passengers are onboard, their only option to purchase essentials will be the ship’s shops.

Guests will have opportunities to visit shops on land but if they don’t want to waste precious excursion time, it’s best to pack ahead.

One cruise veteran recommended guests pack a range of clothing as it can be cold in the evenings.

They said: “My first cruise, I was in my 20s and only brought warm weather clothing.

“I didn’t realise it could be chilly in the dining room. Bring a light hoody/sweater for the dining room in case.”

Although it’s likely to be warm in the Caribbean, temperatures drop at night and guests should make sure they’ve got something to keep them toasty in the evenings.

Reddit user ‘morncuppacoffee’ said: “People also either love or get bored very quickly on sea days so think of things you can pack to keep occupied.

“Maybe some kind of craft or book.”

Depending on the range of activities onboard the ship, cruise guests could find the sea days very long.

Another user said: “Sea days can be a bit slow. We brought a murder mystery game and played it over several days. It was a lot of fun.”

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