Cruise guests slam ‘boring’ activity on ship

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A cruise guest asked other passengers on Reddit whether there was anything they “regretted”. They said: “What have you done or bought on a cruise that you totally regret?”

One person wrote: “Went to the art auction, just to see what happened there. It was boring, it was scammy, it just dragged on and on.

“I walked out after an hour because I was wasting time on a sea day with perfect weather that I could have been enjoying the pool deck.”

Another person said: “Yeah, the art auction is way past its useful date. But they are still around. Nobody bids so it’s boring. And not worth it anyway.”

Onboard art auctions will usually be offered in partnership with a gallery based somewhere on land.

Cruise guests can bid to buy modern art and may also be offered cocktails while they view the pieces.

Some guests enjoy the auction as they’re a fan of the artist’s work and want the opportunity to purchase their own artwork.

However, some cruise lines don’t have auctions, but have a ship gallery instead where guests can view the art.

If there’s an artwork they like, they can then enquire about purchasing it rather than attending the auction.

Some cruise lines even have expensive artwork in their most luxurious suites for VIP guests to enjoy.

A few guests shared a different regret. One said: “Biggest regret was getting absolutely hammered and then having to run to the railing to puke my guts out at 9pm.

“The disappointed looks I received from my fellow cruisers will forever be seared into my brain.”

Some cruise passengers opt for all-inclusive drinks deals as a way to save money on their cruise holiday.

However, it can be easy to overdo it when the drinks are free flowing as guests aren’t inhibited by the price.

Another guest said: “I got pretty drunk the first day on a cruise and spent like 300 bucks on a massage I was fairly well passed out for. Didn’t help the hangover, sadly.”

One passenger said they had missed the famous ‘Sail Away’ party because they were too drunk to enjoy it.

Guests should be careful not to get too drunk as it can be very dangerous on a cruise ship and should never go near the railings if they have been drinking.

One passenger joked: “I let myself get into two or three situations where I had no choice but to interact and talk with other passengers.

“Going on our second cruise in a couple of months and I’m hoping to bring that number closer to zero.”

While many cruise guests love mingling with other passengers on holiday, others like to keep interaction to a minimum.

Different cruise lines will have different vibes and passengers will need to choose the one that’s right for them.

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