Cruise holidaymaker on nightmare room experience – ‘woke up to the sound of world ending’

World's Most Expensive Cruise: Guests show off their suite

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Cruise guests have a huge choice of cabin styles. From opulent family suites to simple twin rooms, there’s something to suit most budgets.

While most cruise experts recommend that guests don’t opt for a connecting room, some passengers shared a terrible cabin experience in a standard room.

One Reddit user said: “When we cruise I like to get a room way towards the front or way towards the back because it’s hard to get lost and there aren’t people walking and talking in front of your room all night.

“Got an oceanview room, happened to be the first one in the front.”

Not all cruise cabins will offer guests a view of the ocean. Some passengers can save money by opting for an interior cabin.

They continued: “First morning, woke up to the sound of the world ending.

“Probably one of the most violent sounds I’ve ever heard in my life.

“Had no idea what was going on, about had a heart attack.

“Later we discovered that directly next to that room was the little hole in the side of the ship where the anchor chains come out.”

Due to their size, cruise ships have pretty extensive anchor chains and they can make a lot of noise.

On a cruise itinerary with a lot of stops, guests with rooms near the anchors are likely to be disturbed.

Cruise companies like to make sure their passengers can enjoy a full day at all the land destinations.

This means that cruise liners often dock very early in the morning, which could cut short any lie-ins for those near the anchor.

The Reddit user continued: “We started to set alarms to get out of there in the mornings before we figured the ship would be docking.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been on another cruise where I was up so early every morning.”

While an early morning wake up call might not have impressed that cruise passenger, there are advantages to rising early.

On a busy cruise, guests might find they have to wait in lengthy queues to access popular activities.

Getting up before other passengers gives holidaymakers the chance to enjoy the boat’s hot tubs or swimming pools without a queue.

Another passenger had also had a cruise holiday ruined by a nightmare room experience.

They said: “Had a room by the crew door and all night the door slammed shut over and over again.”

Cruise crew work extremely hard and often have to cover night shifts. That means their door may be in near constant use.

They could also be up very early in the morning which could disturb the neighbouring passengers.

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