Cruise packing tip: Passenger warns ‘don’t forget’ cabin essential ‘You won’t have enough’

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Chris is a cruise holiday enthusiast who shares his adventures on board the biggest and most impressive cruise ships on his Instagram account, where he has almost 37,000 followers.

Chris said the most luxurious cruise ship he has been on is the MSC Seaside and MSC Splendida where he could enjoy the exclusive MSC Yacht Club.

“I liked both ships, although I preferred MSC Seaside over MSC Splendida. Prices are very different depending on the destinations and the time of the year,” he explained.

Chris said this was his “best service experience” on a cruise ship.

He explained: “You get a private restaurant and an exclusive pool deck, allowing maximum privacy and relaxation.

“The crew was incredibly friendly and professional. We even had our own butler who was available for us all the time.”

The cruise expert continued: “We stayed in an interior suite (without a window) on board MSC Seaside, which was about 1,400€ (£1,213) per week per person for a Mediterranean cruise in May 2021.

“MSC Splendida was more expensive because I stayed in a deluxe suite with a balcony.

“The mentioned price included a beverage package, unlimited wifi and the previously mentioned butler service.”

Chris explained packing for your next cruise holiday can be difficult, and shared his number one tip.

He said: “Cruise lines usually send a packing list including a clothing recommendation with the travel documents.

“Still, one thing I have to address is the socket situation.

“Unless you’re staying in a large suite you will most likely not find enough sockets in your cabin to plug in your devices.

“This is why I always bring a power strip with me to ensure everyone has a chance to charge their electronics.”

He added: “It’s also important to check if the ship you’re sailing with has American or European sockets, so don’t forget your adapters.”

Before booking, Chris recommended “studying the shipping companies and different products” as “there’s a huge variety of cruise lines offering many different and distinct products”.

“Want to have a lot of action? Maybe check out Royal Caribbean or Norwegian Cruise Line.

“Are you in for a premium product but don’t want to miss on a large ship? Maybe Celebrity Cruises or the MSC Yacht Club are the right products for you.

“Altogether, it’s important to know what to expect on board to avoid negative surprises,” he advised.

In order to get better treatment from the crew, Chris admitted he always brings a little something to brighten up their day.

He explained: “I think it’s important to treat people around me with kindness.

“This is why I always bring little gifts for the housekeeping crew, which they receive besides a tip.”

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