Exedia's Barry Diller is all for vaccine passports

Barry Diller, chairman and senior executive of Expedia Group, believes vaccine passports are paramount to future travel and the world’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

Diller was asked what he thought about vaccine passports during a Reuters Newsmaker virtual event.

“You have to be vaccinated, you have to have proof of it, and if you get that worldwide, then travel — everything will come from that,” Diller said.

Diller said he believes everyone should have to be vaccinated and prove it via some form of documentation.

“That is the key to putting your mask with others in a bonfire and burning them all, and living free and open,” he said.

In the wide-ranging interview with Reuters, Diller also addressed New York’s comeback, which he said has already begun.

“By the summer, presuming there’s no exogenous something or some new strain or something terrible happens to us, the city is going to be fully back,” Diller said.

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