‘It’s mobbed’ Cruise holidaymakers expose the area tourists should avoid on the first day

Virgin Voyages show off their cruise ship

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One Reddit user said they were going on their first cruise next month and asked for advice. Several cruise veterans offered useful tips.

A Reddit user said: “The day you board, avoid the buffet for lunch. It’s a mob scene.”

Large cruise ships will often have a huge range of dining options for passengers but the buffet restaurant is normally one of the most popular.

Unfortunately that can mean long queues for passengers at peak times. It could be a good idea to leave eating at the buffet until later on in the trip.

Passengers could also try eating later or earlier than the majority of guests to avoid facing queues.

Another frequent cruise holidaymaker said: “Go to the shows, even if they don’t really appeal to you.

“I’m not usually big on stage shows but they do a nice job and none are that long. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at least two to three times per cruise.”

Tourists travelling on a large cruise liner could get the chance to see a Broadway show onboard.

Some cruise ships even have circus performers who amaze guests with incredible acrobatic performances above the sea.

The cruise guest added: “At least once, figure out when sunrise is and get out to see it over the ocean.

“You can always nap on the pool deck later.”

A sunrise over the ocean is a once in a lifetime experience and guests that get up early enough will be rewarded with something really special.

If it’s a sea day, passengers will definitely have enough time to have a nap if the early start exhausts them.

Another commenter recommended that first time cruisers pack one essential item they might need in the cabin.

They said: “Take a small fan. I didn’t know this but even with the air conditioning, I woke up at four am sweating.

“I took a fan from my next cruise on and it made it much better.”

Passengers travelling in an interior cabin could find their room could quickly become overheated.

A portable fan will help to keep the room cool and will also be extremely useful for day trips in sunny destinations.

While most of the commenters said the new cruiser would have a fantastic time, one issued a warning.

They said: “Get ready to miss all the ports due to Covid lately. Hopefully I’m wrong but at least the casino will be open on sea days.”

Cruise ships might not be allowed to disembark guests if there is a case of Covid onboard. As travel restrictions can change frequently and with little warning, cruising does carry a little risk at the moment.

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