Ocean Getaways Offers Safe Alternative to Cruising

While many people would love to get back to traveling regularly, the current trends and experts say that the COVID-19 pandemic will not be leaving us anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean the travel industry, and traveling in general, will become obsolete; instead, it must adapt to these changing times.

As a travel agent, most likely you’ve been looking for safer alternatives to mainstream travel for your clients. Perhaps this means vacation home rentals are taking the place of hotels or all-inclusives. Ocean Getaways’ private yacht charters are also a great alternative to mainstream travel, especially mainstream cruising.

“Travel advisors are challenged to think outside the box right now,” says Lisa Finn, a Cruise Planners agent with Adventures to Memories. “Exposure to large amounts of people in unfamiliar destinations is quite scary for some, but they still are craving to travel. Private Yacht Chartering is a fantastic option that provides an alternative all-inclusive, Caribbean adventure that can feel like a much safer option during these unsettling times.”

Ocean Getaways offers private luxury yacht charters all across the world, including the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Each itinerary is completely customized for guests’ comfort levels, so they don’t have to compromise anyone’s safety. Private yachting can also be a great vacation experience for multi-generational groups because of the smaller group size.

During the pandemic, travelers will most likely want to explore more off-the-beaten-path places, like remote beaches and islands that don’t usually get much foot traffic, in order to limit their contact with others. These things can be built into each itinerary.

The yachts also feature a variety of fun water toys, like paddle boards and scuba gear. To top it off, a personal crew and chef help make the vacation the best experience possible.

Ocean Getaways has also implemented new safety standards to ensure the safety of both guests and crew aboard these private charters.

While the travel industry is adapting to new pressures and situations, you as a travel agent are not completely out of luck when trying to find a safe and private vacation option for your clients.

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