Port Canaveral Furloughs 50 Cruise Employees

With the cruise industry effectively suspended until further notice during the coronavirus pandemic, Port Canaveral has furloughed numerous employees for the next two months.

Of the 250 people employed at the Florida port, 50 of them have been furloughed. A statement from Port Canaveral confirmed that the furlough employees worked in its cruise and recreation segments “whose job functions are not required for current operations.”

Port Canaveral is a popular base for major cruise lines. Carnival, Disney, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean all have ships based at the port. None of the ships are currently in operation.

Cargo operations will continue at the port.

“While Port Canaveral is open and operating, the current pandemic situation has had significant impact on our businesses,” the port said.

The port also confirmed that all affected employees will remain employed throughout the furlough period. The furlough period is expected to last at least until May 30, though it will only officially end once cruise operations resume at the Port.

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