Safely Discover America on a Luxury RV Excursion

With demand for domestic travel picking up in response to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the summer of the RV is in full swing and premium travel and tour operator Overseas Leisure Group is capitalizing on the growing trend by launching a series of customized luxury RV excursions known as “Discover America.”

The bespoke collection includes numerous highlights in and around off-the-beaten-path destinations across the country, including the peculiar “Invisible House” on the border of California’s Joshua Tree National Park and a river rafting camping trip guided by an Olympic kayaker.

Travelers seeking epic scenery will be drawn to the 10-day Wyoming to Montana excursion as well as the eight-day “California Conquest” from Los Angeles to San Francisco and the popular 11-day journey from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas.

Along the way, travelers will tour some of America’s most sought-after remote wilderness and national parks, including Grand Teton and Yellowstone, among others.

“Due to the recess in international travel, our volume of domestic bookings has seen a rapid rise from 5 percent to more than 90 percent over the last month,” said Overseas Leisure Group Founder and CEO Felix Brambilla, who pointed out the importance of working with a trusted travel advisor.

“Never has there been a more critical time to use a travel advisor during the ever-changing landscape of travel during COVID-19. A travel advisor will know about interstate quarantine measures as well as the protocols and safety guidelines being enforced at each destination, so clients are getting the best insider information,” Brambilla added. “You need to find the proper balance between safety and comfort so the magic of discovery remains. Every aspect of the journey is about acting responsibly, starting with the traveler.”

Overseas Leisure Group offers a variety of luxury RVs, including compact luxury Mercedes vans accommodating two to three people and state-of-the-art RVs equipped with spacious rooms, full-sized bathrooms, kitchen, laundry facilities, satellite TVs and high-speed internet. Clients can also choose an alternate mode of transportation such as an SUV, convertible or Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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