Serena Williams' 3-year-old Daughter Went to Versailles Dressed As a Disney Princess – See the Adorable Photos

This little princess sure has mastered travel fashion!

Tennis star Serena Williams and entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian's three-year-old daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr., showed off her style sense while touring Château de Versailles in France by wearing a replica of Belle's golden yellow dress from the Disney animated version of "Beauty and the Beast."

First in a photo posted on her Instagram account last Thursday, she stood in front of the Sun King's palace – located about an hour's drive southwest of Paris – perfectly holding the ruffles of her gown while wearing golden slippers and a royally adorable smile. Simply captioned "Palace visit," the post has received more than 94,000 likes in the last four days.

Then over the weekend, a second photo was shared, this time inside the Château's Hall of Mirrors, captioned "Reflection." Still dressed as Belle, she bears a more pensive look, staring at herself in a mirror in the relatively empty landmark.

While in France, Olympia has also visited other landmarks in recent weeks. Her account shared photos as she looked up at Paris' Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (National Museum of Natural History) in a floral dress and stood in front of the Mona Lisa at the Musée du Louvre dressed pretty in pink.

The sightseeing appears to come in between her mom's Grand Slam tournaments at Paris's French Open – where she lost in the fourth round on June 6 – and Wimbledon, which starts today outside of London. On June 17, Williams also shared a series of videos on Instagram of Olympia helping her train at Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in Biot, France, as the 39-year-old continues her pursuit of her 24th Grand Slam title.

The jaunt through France isn't the first time the Instagram account for little Olympia – whose bio is simply "Adventurer" with running, heart, and computer worker emojis – has shared photos of her travels. Earlier this year, she held a horse balloon in Rome, where she also had gelato in front of the Spanish steps, played with shadows at the Pantheon, and struck a pose at the Colosseum.

Olympia has also been previously spotted in other princess dresses, including one she wore to one of her mom's photo shoots in May, and one like Ariel's in 'The Little Mermaid" back in 2019.

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