Tickets are on sale for Universal Orlando's escape room

Tickets are on sale for Universal’s Great Movie Escape, an escape-room experience at Universal CityWalk in Orlando that opens Dec. 9.

Guests ages 3 and up can escape from two experiences. One is themed to “Jurassic World” and the other to “Back to the Future.” Inside, they will encounter a variety of challenges to complete before they are released.

This is Universal’s first escape-room experience, but Universal says it’s no typical escape room.

“Universal’s entertainment team partnered closely with filmmakers and escape-room industry experts around the country to create innovative experiences that go beyond the typical escape room — blending state-of-the-art challenges, detailed sets and original storylines to immerse guests in story-driven adventures that allow them to escape into the movies like never before,” Universal said in a release.

According to Universal, the experiences can be enjoyed by novices and experienced players. Each of the themed experiences has eight detailed environments, and the activities inside are randomized for a different experience on subsequent visits. The experiences can be customized based on party size and adjusted based on skill level and complexity.

“Jurassic World: Escape” will position guests as geneticists on Isla Nublar. Inside a secret lab, they are trained on a number of tasks, from splicing dinosaur DNA to feeding the creatures. But an apex predator breaks free, forcing them to find a way to escape.

“Back to the Future: OUTATIME” will transport guests to a museum in 1993, where Biff has stolen Doc Brown’s latest time-travel device. They need to track him down and save the past and future before running, as the name suggests, “outatime.”

Ticket prices start at $49.99 per person. Travel advisors can call 1-866-346-9350 to book the experience for their clients.

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