Travel Professionals Partner on Recovery Marketing Effort

Three travel businesses have banded together to aid in the travel industry recovery, forming Re-think Travel.

The alliance blends the expertise of Green Team Global, Emerging Destinations and CornerSun Destination Marketing with the mission of helping travel and tourism stakeholders respond and recover from the pandemic.

How travel and tourism companies use this downtime during the slowdown to reevaluate and adjust to a new normal will define their recovery and those who best utilize this period to transform marketing efforts will rebound the fastest.

That’s where Re-Think Travel comes in, offering a single-source marketing solution that provides an effective strategy for both trade and consumer companies.

Rethink Travel strives to assist organizations in meeting the moment, providing an end-to-end solution for travel brands “struggling to find their path.”

“The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global tourism industry has been swift and all-consuming, but the time for action is always during the storm, not after it passes,” said Hugh Hough, co-founder and partner, Re-Think Travel Marketing. “Now more than ever, travel and tourism businesses must rely on innovative marketing strategies and targeted communications to mitigate damage and accelerate recovery, and our proven framework of tactics does just that.”

The team at Re-Think offers more than 100 years of combined experience in the global travel space and spans four continents. Clients are provided a collective, coordinated approach to destination marketing during times of crisis and receive a customized evaluation and a review of current marketing efforts as well as a refreshed tourism action plan for the new normal and comprehensive support and guidance for implementation.

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