Amex GBT earns two technology patents

American Express Global Business Travel (No. 3 on Travel Weekly’s 2021 Power List) has been awarded two U.S. patents for technology designed for use by corporate travelers and travel managers, according to the company.  

One patent is for what Amex GBT described as a “neural network for optimizing the display of hotels on a user interface.” The artificial intelligence-based technology processes individual and company travel histories to make tailored hotel recommendations to travelers based on such data points as distance to the meeting, loyalty program membership and past purchase decisions. 

The second patent was granted for a “natural language processing system” that enables travel managers to assess travel program performance via chatbot by querying a database using ordinary language rather than technical syntax. Designed to mine insights from large and complex travel data sets, the system allows users to train it over time to better understand the intent behind questions, the Amex GBT said. 

The new patents continue Amex GBT’s recent emphasis on booking-tool enhancements and chat-based capabilities. In March, the TMC rolled out a new display feature within the Neo booking tool that shows complete airfare attributes, such as those displayed on airline websites, to enable easier comparison between fares. 

And in June, GBT added WhatsApp as a support channel, enabling travelers to communicate with agents via the popular chat service to book trips and receive assistance while on the road.

Source: Business Travel News

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