Bucuti & Tara adds a carbon offset concierge to its staff

The adults-only Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort on Aruba’s Eagle Beach, which since 2018 has been certified as a carbon-neutral hotel, has added what it said was the world’s first carbon offset concierge to its staff.

The timing of the appointment coincides with the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November, where the resort will be recognized and owner and CEO Ewald Biemans will present solutions other hotels can adopt. Bucuti & Tara is the first hotel to win a Global UN Climate Action award.

Guests can ask the carbon offset concierge to assist with using the offset program offered by their airline, or they can ask the concierge to offset the emissions through another program of their choice.

The service is free, and guests pay directly for the carbon offsets they select.

A guest flying nonstop on American between New York and Aruba, for example, can offset their carbon emissions for $11.86 through the carrier’s carbon offset partner, Cool Effect. A traveler flying KLM roundtrip from Amsterdam to Aruba pays $25.89¬† through KLM’s CO2Zero initiative.

They also can opt to cover their travel to and from the airports, as well as their flights.

The purchases go to verified, high quality programs such as renewable energy through wind and solar farms or programs that provide reforestation and the protection of waterways.

Bucuti also offers its guests healthy menu options, private birding expeditions and on-site art exhibits by local artists. Guests sip from reusable, keepsake water bottles rather than single-use plastic containers, and they are invited to join the staff in monthly beach cleanups to keep the Bucuti beach clean and safe for marine life.

“Here at Bucuti & Tara, we want to continue helping our guests keep healthy habits portable so that when they are traveling here for a carbon-neutral resort vacation, that can run from takeoff to touchdown back home, thanks to offsetting their travel emissions,” Biemans said.

“We want to help our guests discover¬† the joy and efficiency of a memorable regenerative vacation that protects the planet for future vacationers,” he said.

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