Dominican Republic Prepared to Implement Updated Traveler Plan

The Dominican Republic government will be ready to implement an earlier announced Responsible Tourism Recovery Plan on September 15, said David Collado, the country’s tourism minister.

The plan will eliminate current protocols requiring travelers to present a negative COVID-19 test result upon arrival at Dominican airports to enter the country.

Also beginning September 15, the country’s Ministry of Public Health will publish a report on “the situation of contagions and COVID-19” for tourist areas, Callado said.

The Tourism Ministry is also “working with the private sector and the authorities” to assess hospitals in tourist areas “in terms of availability of beds and conditions, to prepare all the logistics of handling those infected with symptoms” should an outbreak occur, Callado added.

He said “non-invasive randomized tests” including a PCR breath test, will be utilized in lieu of the pre-arrival negative test requirement under the updated plan protocols short-stay travelers who enter the country between September 15 and December 31.

Visitors will also be provided with a “traveler assistance plan” during their stay in a government-sanctioned hotel, with costs for the insurance covered by the Dominican government.

The traveler assistance package is “exclusive to the Dominican Republic since it has not been applied by any other country in the region,” said Collado in a Resumen Turismo report.

The policies will “guarantee the health and well-being of those who visit our destination,” he said, adding “We are prepared within the reality that the world lives to receive tourists in our country.”

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