Grand Bahama reefs survived hurricane Dorian

Grand Bahama Island and its reefs fared well during Hurricane Dorian last September, according to underwater assessments taken by a dive team from the Underwater Explorers Society.

No damages were found from sediments stirred up by the storm, and the reefs appear  clear and thriving with soft and hard corals still attached in their original locations, according to the society.

Schools of fish now roam the numerous wrecks off the south coast of the island.

Snorkeling and scuba diving have resumed, and dive operators report that business is picking up again.

“We recognize that healthy reefs are a precious resource and a wonderful attraction for dive enthusiasts. Dive tourism contributes millions of dollars to the regional economy each year. Our hope is that we can increase those earnings this year,” said Ian Rolle, acting chairman of the Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board.

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