Green Safaris launches two ecotourism camps in Zambia

Green Safaris has announced the opening of two new ecotourism properties: Shawa Luangwa Camp and Chisa Busanga Camp.

Shawa Luangwa Camp, which opened in May, is situated along the Luangwa River in the heart of the Lupanda Game Management Area with close access to South Luangwa National Park. The camp was inspired by the legendary walking safari guide Jacob Shawa. 

Shawa comprises five en suite canvas tents, which are placed in the shade of sausage, baobab, ebony and mahogany trees. Each tent is mounted on a wooden deck to minimize the impact on the local ecosystem. Shawa is powered completely by solar energy and offers travelers a “silent safari” experience. Safari drives are undertaken in electric vehicles, which means no engine noise to scare away wildlife.

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Chisa Busanga Camp is opening June 1 in the northern region of Kafue National Park. The camp’s accommodations are inspired by bird nests. While exploring the Busanga Plains, it was the weaver bird’s nest in particular that caught the eye of Green Safaris’ founder, Vincent Kouwenhoven, and inspired the four human-sized bird nests at the camp. Each “nest” is raised on a wooden deck built from sustainably sourced wood.

Environmentally conscious travelers will appreciate that Chisa is a true ecofriendly safari camp, as it minimizes its footprint on its natural surroundings by running completely off the grid. Like Shawa, Chisa offers silent safari experiences via electronic cruisers, but Chisa also gives travelers the opportunity to explore the area on electronic mountain bikes. 

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