Missing winter cruises? Here are 4 warm-weather trip ideas to tide you over until ships sail again

For decades, thousands of vacationers have boarded cruise ships for the winter holidays, enjoying festive splendor, elevated dining and entertainment experiences and unequaled value.

Well, they did up until 2020, anyway.

Unfortunately, holiday cruises to the tropics are suspended this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So where can travelers in search of warm-weather destinations spend their holidays?

Here are four U.S. warm-weather spots to try this year for relaxation, social-distance experiences and value. 

Our fingers are crossed for a return to the high seas for holiday cruises next Christmas.

Texas Hill Country

Less than an hour from San Antonio, Texas Hill Country doesn’t offer a beach, but the distance away from the city and the mild temperatures are still a welcome escape from winter. The elevation of the region boasts fresh air and opportunities for ample outdoor experiences. 

A good choice in the area is the La Cantera Resort & Spa,  which features 496 rooms and 34 villas that are offset in their own little cluster in the woods.  There’s also a private pool reserved for villa guests.

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