Puppy yelped for life after being abandoned in roasting hot car

A passerby saved a puppy from roasting to death after it was left inside a car where the temperature had soared to 130F (55C), authorities said.

The dog, named Boomer, was abandoned in a vehicle in San Jacinto, California, earlier this week. The temperature outside had risen to 100F (37C).

Boomer yelped for his life and eventually got the attention of a stranger who rescued him from the car and subsequently called the police.

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Officers later found and arrested Boomer’s owner on an animal cruelty charge, Riverside County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Boomer was later placed inside an air conditioned patrol unit when Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived.

The pup is now being cared for by Ramona Humane Society.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning to animal owners to keep their pets out of cars when the weather is hot.

The force said: “As a reminder, NEVER leave children or pets alone in a vehicle for even a moment. Temperatures inside a closed vehicle can reach more than 120°F within minutes, even with the windows partly opened on a cloudy day.

“Pets, horses and livestock are also susceptible to difficulties from hot weather. Animals do not perspire and rely on panting, wetting down, shade, cool earth and drinking water for cooling.

“Animals cannot explain their needs, so it is up to people to ensures that their needs are met, especially during periods of extreme or prolonged heat.”

In May, a dog was left inside a car in Leicestershire on what was then the hottest day of the year.

A “distressed” dog was found “panting” in a car parked in Coldoverton Close in Oakham, Rutland, in 27-degree heat.

Locals in the area managed to free the dog with help from authorities.

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