Review: Paradise found at Hilton Labriz in the Seychelles

Thanks to the UAE’s vaccination programme, there is now no quarantine needed to travel to this stunning island and become a traveller in the world again

Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa is a tropical paradise nestled between white sand beaches and forested mountains

“For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”

I’m forced to steal the words of Vincent Van Gogh as I stare up into the infinite as I, as tiny as I am in this moment, haven’t the ability to form my own, overwhelmed by the astonishing canvas that stretches out forever. It is too much to take in, all I can do is greedily gulp down as much of this spectacle as possible as I stand gazing up from this island in the Indian Ocean.

City lights are far gone, the haze of their light pollution stripped away in this isolated place, the true majesty of cosmos is revealed as an impossible number of stars gaze back at me from the deepest black of true night. As the universe wheels above me, I let it sink into me, and with it the understanding of just how microscopic any earthly concerns of mine are in the grander scheme.

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