Grass seed 500 lbs @ $45.00/lbs
= $2375.00

Days and days and days of driving
the ATV around and spreading the
Grass seeding
If you have already looked at
our page that describes the
process of removing the
Junipers, you have seen the
large equipment that is being

As you can imagine, this
equipment disturbs the soil
quite a bit in the process. A
problem that can arise from
this disturbance is the
possibilty of noxious and pest
species of plant getting a
foothold in the dirsturbed soil.
One of the best ways to avoid
these pests is to get perennial
grasses growing instead.

So, I have purchase hundreds
of pounds of grass seed. The
seed is a combination of
perennial grasses, alphalfa
and perennial wildflowers.
Once the snow is gone or at
least once it gives us a break
up there, we will begin to plant
grass seed.

I also want to seed the new
dam at Horse Meadow Pond
so that it has less tendency to
wash away.

As you can see in the photos,
we have a small electric
powered seed spreader on
the back of an ATV.