43 Easter Bunny Puns For Instagram To Use All Weekend Long

Easter is fast-approaching, and before you know it, that fluffy bunny will be here to wish you and your fam a very hoppy day. Out of all of the holiday mascots, I personally think the Easter Bunny is by far the cutest. I mean, this bunny is fluffy AF, dressed to impress, always looks incredibly happy, and shows up to town with a basket filled with chocolate and sweet treats. What’s not to love about this mascot of the holiday? Needless to say, to really celebrate Easter, you’ll definitely need some Easter Bunny puns for all of your Instagram pics this weekend.

Bunnies are so adorable, and a clever pun always steals the show on social media — so the combination is as perfect as the chocolate and cream in a Cadbury Creme Egg. Use a bunny pun for your brunch pics with your squad on Easter, because you love them (and bottomless mimosas) bunny much. A bunny pun always works just as well for that selfie of you and your sis dressed in your Easter sundresses and matching sun hats. No matter what picture you decide to post, one of these 43 Easter Bunny puns will take that photo from great to truly egg-cellent.

Don’t waste a second of your holiday coming up with your own caption, because I’ve already searched for some of the best like a real Easter egg hunt master. Use one, use them all — just remember to have a hoppy Easter weekend.

1. "Some bunny loves you." — Unknown

2. "Everyone needs a friend who is all ears." — Unknown

3. "Now he’s just some bunny that I used to know." — Unknown

4. "Good hare day." — Unknown

5. "Hey there hop stuff." — Unknown

6. "Every bunny was kung fu fighting." — Unknown

7. "My puns are very bunny." — Unknown

8. "You’re ear-resistible." — Unknown

9. "I whip my hare back and forth." — Unknown

10. "I found some bunny to love." — Unknown

11. "No bunny but you." — Unknown

12. "Just don’t carrot all." — Unknown

13. "Don’t worry, be hoppy." — Unknown

14. "Does my hare look good?" — Unknown

15. "B*tch better have my bunny." — Unknown

16. "Eggs-cuse me?" — Unknown

17. "I’ve got something to tell you, but you’re not going to want to hare it." — Unknown

18. "You might not carrot all, but you’re ear-resistible." — Unknown

19. "We make one egg-celllent couple" — Unknown

20. "You know I like a hoppy beer." — Unknown

21. "Some bunny likes Easter." — Unknown

22. "Hoppy Easter to all my peeps." — Unknown

23. "Wishing you a hoppy Easter." — Unknown

24. "You make me so hoppy." — Unknown

25. "Some bunny doesn’t carrot all." — Unknown

26. "Have an egg-cellent Easter." — Unknown

27. "Getting plenty of eggs-ercise." — Unknown

28. "I love a good hoppy ending." — Unknown

29. "No bunny compares to you." — Unknown

30. "And they lived hoppily ever after." — Unknown

31. "Some bunny needs vodka." — Unknown

32. "I carrot wait for the Easter Bunny to visit." — Unknown

33. "Hop ’til you drop." — Unknown

34. "Have an eggs-traordinarily good day." — Unknown

35. "You are some bunny special." — Unknown

36. "What an eggs-citing Easter day." — Unknown

37. "I have so many Easter puns, it’s not even bunny." — Unknown

38. "Wishing you hoppy-ness this Easter day." — Unknown

39. "I’m so eggcited." — Unknown

40. "You crack me up." — Unknown

41. "Let’s hop to it." — Unknown

42. "You’re eggstremely cute." — Unknown

43. "That’s all yolks." — Unknown

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