Big change coming to Virgin flights tomorrow

Virgin Australia is scrapping free food from its economy bookings and from Thursday people will have to shell out money if they want to eat on board.

The changes were revealed by back in November but Virgin Australia sent out an email to customers on Wednesday to inform them of the new policy.

Customers who booked their economy ticket before 25 March will still be entitled to a complimentary snack, although they will have to flag a flight attendant on board to claim it.

The email explained that guests would still receive complimentary water, tea and coffee but that free food in economy class has been abolished.

“We understand you have purchased a fare inclusive of a complimentary snack,” it said. “If you would still like to receive a snack, please make yourself known to the cabin crew once on board and they will be able to assist.”

On Thursday, the airline will unveil a new menu for both business and economy class.

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