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Sanitizer over room service: luxury hotels pivot to healthcare during coronavirus

Hoteliers are transforming their properties into temporary healthcare facilities and self-isolation wards during the coronavirus pandemic. But it isn’t easy dropping five-star service for a new normal. As coronavirus exploded over the first quarter of 2020, global hotel room occupancies plummeted… [read more]

Are billionaires really self-isolating on superyachts?

When entertainment mogul David Geffen shared an image of his superyacht “Rising Sun” at sea alongside the caption “isolated in the Grenadines” last month, it’s fair to say the post ruffled a few feathers. However well-meaning his message may have been intended, many felt the billionaire came off as tone deaf, pointing out that self-isolating on a $590 million superyacht… [read more]

Private jet carrying vacationers turned back after landing in the south of France

A group of international vacationers who flew from London to the south of France in a private jet were turned away by French police after they landed. French border police were notified on April 4 by the Marseille Provence Airport that an English company wanted to fly a jet from London to Marseille, carrying 10 passengers of Croatian, French, German, Romanian and Ukrainian nationality… [read more]

A photographic tour of the world’s most colorful places

For her upcoming book The Rainbow Atlas: A Guide to the World’s Most Colorful Places, author Taylor Fuller looked to Instagram for inspiration. Scrolling through her feed of brilliant photos shot by photographers and bloggers from around the world, as well as taking suggestions from other travelers like herself, she whittled down her list to 500 of the planet’s most eye-catching locales… [read more]

Will the coronavirus spare the world’s most remote places?

The town of Unalaska is the largest in the Aleutians, a chain of active volcanic islands off Alaska’s southwestern coast. Unalaska is spread across two islands, which are surrounded by the stormy Bering Sea, and often by rolling clouds of fog. To get here from the Lower Forty-eight—or “Outside,” as the continental U.S. is sometimes called—you have to fly through Seattle (usually) and then Anchorage (always) in a small propeller plane… [read more]

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