Top 10 tips for men on a second date

We collected top-10 of useful tips for your successful second date.

#1 – Be creative and try something new.

Your first date was creative and full of emotions? Don’t be lazy and invent something new. Women love surprises and a lot of attention from guys. So, if you were in a restaurant on your first date – shift location to a park or a seaside. Organize a barbeque or an open air cinema marathon for two of you.

#2 – Do not wait for her on the spot.

It’s not a first date that started when both of you came to the dating point. Now you know each other pretty well, so, you could come to the place together. Your walk to the second dating venue could be as amusing as the date. Ask your woman how was her day, pretend that you are professional guide and tell her an interesting story about a street that you are passing by.

#3 – To the cinema! Why not?

A cinema is definitely good idea for a second date. You could buy tickets to the last row of seats and spend two hours together in a dark with a strong feeling that you do something good together. After a cinema you could discuss all storylines in a cafe nearby or have a long walk full of interesting talks and conversations. Don’t forget to read about the film in the Internet and share with your woman all those information, it should be interesting discussion and you could impress her.

#4 – Prepare a gift.

A gift shouldn’t be expensive or pompous. It’s not a must, but it’s a good way to show that you are interested in this woman. Find something cute and personal, a little thing that proves that you were listened when she talked on her leisure or favorite artist or singer, and make her a present on your second date tickets to a concert or invitation to an interesting exhibition.

#5 – The first date – how was it?.

Don’t be afraid and ask her about your first date – what was perfect and what she wanted to change. Ask your woman to be honest and share her first impression about your personality and character, and why she agreed to the second date with you.

#6 -Light touches and the first kiss.

Second date is a good time for a first kiss or even more. Be careful and patient; don’t push on your lady on such an issue. Use a flirty touches and hugs, that’s a way for bringing you and your woman closer on your second date.

#7 – Find out more about her – ask questions.

You could ask all questions that you’ve decided not to ask at the first time. You need to have more information on your lady; it could be her hobbies, plans for vacation, or whatever. Just ask her on your second date about everything that you are interesting in, but remember of the rules of decorum (see next tip).

#8 – Too personal leave for later.

Don’t be in a hurry; it’s only your second date. Don’t try to discuss your plans for a whole life, a name of your first baby or your vacation that you’ll spend together. It’s not a good idea to ask on your woman’s intimate details like number of tattoos or places of their disposition, or something like this. You need to know each other better; such questions could lead to avoiding you as a rude and ill-mannered person.

#9 – Not a word about exes.

Second date is a time for speaking on your date partner, not on her past ad especially oh her ex-boyfriend or even husband. If your woman wants, she would start such a conversation in a proper moment. Don’t tell of your previous experience of dating or on your long lasted relationships on your second date, it’s not a proper time and place.

#10 – At the end be honest.

Before saying “Goodbye”, fairly say to your dating partner whether you could meet third time. If you understand after the second date that it’s not your lady – be honest with her and say her correctly that you don’t want to develop your relationships. Therefore, following such simple tips, every man could properly prepare second date with a woman that he likes and be sure that such a date would be a starting point for future relationships. And who knows, perhaps, your first and second dates could grow up into the something special.

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