You Can Book This Retro 1970s Time-travel Timeshare From Miller Lite for $96 Per Night

Miller Lite House Timeshare showing the retro inspired living room

With vintage decor, classic '70s games, and retro mini bars stocked with old-school snacks and plenty of beer, the Miller Timeshare will give a few lucky visitors the grooviest end-of-summer vacation ever. Miller Lite was introduced across the nation in 1975, and now, the beer brand is inviting fans to book this throwback home this September.

This time-travel timeshare is located in Mona Lake, Michigan — Miller Lite was born in the Midwest — and its incredible, 1970s-inspired amenities include mini bars stocked with Miller Lite and snacks like Funyuns, Ring Pops, Ding Dongs, and more; throwback slippers, koozies, frisbees, and Rubik’s cubes; and an amazing game room with a pinball machine, record player, and classic games like Twister. The house itself has fantastically retro furnishings, including an avocado-colored kitchen, mod furniture, shag carpets, house plants, and wood paneling.

Miller Lite House Timeshare showing the fun game filled backyard and patio with a grill and furniture

“End of summer travel looks a little different this year,” said Courtney Dugan, director of activation for Miller Lite, in a statement shared with Travel + Leisure. “But it’s still time for Miller Time, so Miller Lite created the Miller Timeshare, a groovy space for a small group to get together, put on a record, crack open some beers, and escape 2020 for a couple of days.”

Starting Sept. 4, at 9 a.m. CST, the Miller Timeshare will be bookable on Groups of up to eight can book the groovy pad for up to three nights between Sept. 10 and Sept. 30 for $96 per night, and booking is first-come, first-served. Only guests 21 and up can book the Miller Timeshare. Whether you’re a child of the '70s looking for a dose of nostalgia or a millennial wanting to escape into a perfectly Instagrammable vintage home for a few days, this spot is sure to bring the good vibes.

Elizabeth Rhodes is an associate digital editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her adventures on Instagram @elizabetheverywhere. 

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