The Devil's Bridge and other most mysterious places

Strangest things Bermuda Triangle Richat Structure, Mauritania Stonehenge, England This circle of rocks has long been one of the UK’s most well-known and mysterious sites, with historians and scientists baffled as to how its builders transported the monoliths 5,000 years […]

How a Welsh and American team conquered Afghanistan's highest peak

Dodging minefields, armed escorts and a climb ‘tougher than going up Everest’: An extraordinary account of how a Welsh and American team conquered Afghanistan’s highest peak Welshman James Bingham, an ultra-marathon runner and expert mountaineer, conquered Everest in 2007  But […]

PONANT and Paul Gauguin Cruise Lines Resume Sailings

PONANT and Paul Gauguin cruise lines are back in business. With eight ships sailing from ports in Iceland, Dalmatian Coast, the Arctic, France and French Polynesia – including the inaugural seasons for the final two EXPLORER vessels, Le Bellot and […]

Disney Reopens EPCOT and Hollywood Studios

Every major theme park in Orlando, Fla., is now reopened as Walt Disney Co. unlocked the gates to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios this morning, days after catching flack for reopening Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom amidst a rise in positive […]