Armchair travel: Walk New Zealand’s Old Ghost Road

This week, we’re stoking the wanderlust for farther-flung places. Google Earth’s Voyager tool allows you to explore the world via a series of interactive experiences, quizzes and insights. You can take tours of Hemingway’s old hangouts, stroll New York City, […]

Ireland holidays: The best things to see and do in Dublin

As I approached the screening area at Dublin airport, the security officer was still smiling. She had just been chatting with another local, commenting on the grumpiness of some travellers. “What’s the point of being miserable,” she had said. “People […]

Hōpara: What it’s really like to be a New Zealand tour guide

Everyday explorers recount their best travel memories to Elisabeth Easther Born and raised in Kaitaia, Leanne Erceg’s tour leading life began when her insurance career ended and she led her first cycle tour in France. Today Leanne guides international groups […]