American Airlines shows support for Black staff, passengers with Black Lives Matter pins

American Airlines has become the latest major airline to support its employees wearing Black Lives Matter pins on the job. 

“American Airlines believes in equity and inclusion for all,” read a statement from American provided to USA TODAY by representative Sarah Jantz. “In light of the appropriate attention to lives of Black Americans, we will allow team members who wish to wear a Black Lives Matter pin to do so if they choose.”

Some of American’s Black employees noticed workers at other airlines sporting Black Lives Matter pins and asked if they could do the same, Jantz said.

American Airlines is working with its Black Professional Network to design a company-specific Black Lives Matter pin that may be worn with the American uniform, as it has done with several other Employee Business Resource Groups, including its Christian, Veteran and LGBTQ groups. Until a company pin is created, employees will be allowed to wear their own Black Lives Matter pins. 

“Fundamentally, we believe Black Lives Matter is an expression of equality, not a political statement,” the statement continued. “It doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter, rather that in our society Black lives should matter and be valued the same as others. We are showing our support for our Black colleagues and customers who have experienced discrimination and injustice, not any particular organization.

“This decision underscores our belief that all people, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity, deserve to be treated with equality and respect.”

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