Frontier Airlines to Implement Mandatory Temperature Screening Before Boarding

With demand for air travel rapidly declining and hitting a 10-year low, numerous carriers are implementing new procedures designed to keep crew and passengers safe and cease the spread of COVID-19.

On Thursday, Frontier Airlines announced its newest protocol—the requirement that all passengers and crew undergo a touchless temperature screening before being allowed to board their aircraft. The new protocol is set to begin on June 1.

“The health and safety of everyone flying Frontier is paramount, and temperature screenings add an additional layer of protection for everyone onboard,” said Barry Biffle, Frontier Airlines CEO. “This new step during the boarding process, coupled with face coverings and elevated disinfection procedures, will serve to provide Frontier customers an assurance that their well-being is our foremost priority and we are taking every measure to help them travel comfortably and safely.”

Travelers with a reading of 100.3 degrees F or lower will be able to board as planned. Those with a temperature of 100.4 degrees F or higher will be allowed to rest, if departure time allows, before undergoing a second screening. If a passenger’s final reading before boarding closes is higher than 100.3 degrees, they will be turned away and booked for a future flight. These new guidelines also apply to Frontier employees.

In addition to being the first carrier in the U.S. to implement mandatory temperature readings, the airline also became the first to require that all crew members wear face masks while flying. As of May 8, face masks are also mandatory for all passengers.

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