Keep your hands clean: Delta adding in-flight hand sanitizing stations during pandemic

Delta Air Lines, hoping to be known as the airline with the most comprehensive coronavirus safety measures, is adding in-flight hand sanitizing stations.

The Purell dispensers, up to five per flight depending on the size of the plane, will be located near the bathrooms, the airline announced Thursday.

Delta said it is the first U.S. airline to to add them to its planes.

The airline, which has turned its policy of blocking middle seats into a major marketing pitch, is also adding sanitizer stations near the boarding doors in airports.

Delta already has signs inside the bathrooms on more than 130 planes reminding passengers to wash their hands and plans to add them to the rest of its fleet. It calls the hand sanitizer an extra layer of protection in addition to washing hands with soap and water, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s top recommendation.

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