State Troopers Remove Woman From Flight After an Onboard Fight

Massachusetts State Police escorted a woman off of an American Airlines flight at Boston’s Logan International Airport following an onboard fight early Friday.

According to CBS Boston, the dispute between the woman and other passengers occurred on a flight from Los Angeles to Boston roughly 90 minutes before landing when she returned from the bathroom to find another woman sitting in the seat next to hers.

“(She) said some profanity at me and used profanity at the flight attendants and started yelling about people in the front of the plane who had irritated her before that, and then kind of forced me out of the way, which I got out of the way,” passenger Laura Hill told WBZ-TV.

Another passenger confirmed that the woman was escorted off the plane by police.

“At the end of the flight it was announced that the police were going to come on board and they came on board, walked right to the back where the woman who was taken into custody, they got her, they didn’t put her into cuffs or anything, and just escorted her out,” added passenger Keith Belshaw.

No injuries were reported and no arrests were made since the pilot chose not to press charges, a State Police spokesman told CBS Boston.

Troopers Take Woman Off American Airlines Flight At Logan After Fight

An English woman is currently facing jail time after allegedly biting the captain on a flight to London last year in a similar incident.

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