Transpacific startup Northern Pacific Airways buys 757s

Anchorage-based startup Northern Pacific Airways has acquired six Boeing 757-200 planes.

The airline said it plans to fly from Anchorage’s Ted Stevens International Airport to destinations in the U.S. and East Asia. Possible destinations include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seoul and Tokyo. 

The acquired aircraft flew for American Airlines, which retired its 757 fleet last year. The single-aisle Boeing 757-200 typically seats about 200 passengers in a two-class configuration. 

Prior to entering service, the aircraft will undergo a full maintenance check by Certified Aviation Services of San Bernardino, Calif. The carrier hopes to launch in summer 2022.

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CEO Rob McKinney said the jet type “will help us achieve operational savings and efficiencies while offering our customers a rewarding travel experience.”

McKinney is also the CEO of Ravn Alaska, a regional airline based in Anchorage that flies Dash 8 aircraft. 

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