United Adding New Antimicrobial Coating to Cleaning Procedures

United Airlines announced it is adding an EPA-registered antimicrobial coating to its already rigorous safety and cleaning procedures.

The carrier is currently applying the Zoono Microbe Shield to seats, tray tables, armrests, overhead bins, lavatories and crew stations each week on more than 30 aircraft stationed at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

The process will be added to each of United’s six other hubs and approximately 200 airports in the United States where the airline’s planes remain overnight before the end of the year.

The antimicrobial coating will serve as an added layer of protection that complements United’s existing, daily electrostatic spraying regimen before departing flights.

“This long-lasting, antimicrobial spray adds an extra level of protection on our aircraft to help better protect our employees and customers,” United Chief Customer Officer Toby Enqvist said. “As part of our layered approach to safety, antimicrobials are an effective complement to our hospital-grade HEPA air filtration system, mandatory mask policy for customers and daily electrostatic spraying.”

“We’ve overhauled our policies and procedures and continue to implement new, innovative solutions that deliver a safer onboard experience,” Enqvist continued.

During an aircraft’s deep cleaning, employees will use the NovaRover designed to apply a fine mist of the antimicrobial that coats all surfaces in a 12-foot radius with a single spray. United will apply the antimicrobial to aircraft overnight every seven days to refresh the protective layer.

Last week, United CEO Scott Kirby appeared on national television to lobby for an extension of the CARES Act stimulus package with a dire warning.

“Anything to do with leisure, hospitality, meeting, convention services [and] restaurants are all hurting and, frankly, are (at) near-Depression levels,” Kirby said.

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