WATCH: Passenger Spits On and Slaps Flight Attendant

A passenger is in hot water after a video recently surfaced of him spitting in the face of a flight attendant and slapping her.

According to the Daily Mirror, the incident reportedly took place on a Brussels Airlines flight between a male passenger who said he was struck by a flight attendant after reporting an assault by another traveler on his mother.

The video began with a male crew member trying to restrain a male passenger and the verbal altercation that ensued. Eventually, a female supervisor intervenes and tries to calm the situation down before it gets out of hand.

The woman taping the ordeal said the male passenger had been struck by a crew member and didn’t do anything wrong. Below is the video of the incident shared online (WARNING: caption and audio NSFW):

Passenger SLAPS THE DOGSHIT out of Belgian flight attendant for not social distancing enough. #ChineseVirus

As the man continues yelling in the female flight attendant’s face, he appears to spit on her as his words become more aggressive. The woman raised her hand to strike him, but he hit her hard in the cheek with a slap of his own.

Passengers watching the situation unfold immediately jumped into action and subdued the man as the video ends with screaming from everyone involved.

Earlier this month, a female passenger flying with Thai Airways last week was restrained after allegedly coughing on an attendant. The flight had been held after landing for more than seven hours while waiting to undergo coronavirus health screenings.

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