Airbnb rewinds last Blockbuster store to 90s for night-in

The holiday letting website Airbnb has rewound a video store in Oregon back to the 90s for a nostalgic night in for two film buffs.

The store in Bend, Oregon is the last store in the world operated by Blockbuster. Teaming up with the online holiday rentals giant, Blockbuster and Airbnb has designed an event celebrating the era of analogue – when video rentals had the smell of popcorn and magnetic tape, and internet was a novelty far too slow to deliver either holiday bookings or movies. Netflix, who?

For US$4 – or the cost of an overnight rental – visitors are invited to book a movie night sleepover on the roll-out settee with no danger of “late fees”.

With either a DVD or VHS player – if you can remember how one of those works – guests will have their choice of titles from the shelves.

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