Airline worker shares the ultimate suitcase to take on a trip – ‘learnt that the hard way’

Former flight attendant explains how to stow away baggage

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Packing a suitcase ahead of a trip can be a hard task, but what about selecting a suitcase to begin with? Airline employee Megan Homme shared how to get the most out of your luggage.

@meganhomme took to TikTok to share her ultimate tips for selecting a holiday suitcase.

Her first tip was to always look for a “hard-sided or waterproof” case.

She explained: “You never know what’s going to be in someone else’s bag, or what’s going to be under the plane and what could leak on your bag.”

Her second tip was to opt for a dark coloured case.

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While many of us go for style when it comes to choosing a case, this airline employee stressed the importance of practicality.

She said that when she goes for light coloured cases she lives to “regret it”.

“If your bag is going under the plane it’s going to get scuffed up very quickly.”

She added: “I’ve learnt that the hard way.”

The airline worker’s third tip was aims to make a flyer’s airport experience more comfortable.

“Get a bag with four wheels – the two wheels get really annoying to drag through the airport after a while.”

Holidaymakers everywhere know the struggle of trying to fit all of your favourite vacation outfits into a suitcase.

What’s more, souvenirs and other purchases can make a suitcase even more stuffed by the end of a trip.

This is why Megan recommended purchasing an “expandable” case.

“You never know what you’re going to pick up on a trip and need to fit in your suitcase home.”

The employee’s fifth travel “hot take” was that travellers don’t necessarily need to spend lots of money on the “most expensive luggage”.

Megan’s tips were popular on TikTok, and have amassed a huge 73,000 likes and more than 4,000 saves.

ellow travel enthusiasts flocked to the comments section to provide their own top suitcase tips.

@monica.satter.311 offered a simple yet effective suggestion for when you go to collect your luggage post flight: “Put a name tag on / inside your bag.”

To avoid a case getting lost, @my_spicy_life suggested: “I always pick bright colours!!!”

In defence of purchasing a cheaper case, @kelsey_k25 shared: “I once saw a hard sided bag get thrown onto the carousel so forcefully the wheel shattered off and the bag was busted open.”

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