‘Airlines will entice you!’ Travellers will have to pay more for flights, says expert

Airlines are just one aspect of the travel industry that have been left financially strained by the coronavirus pandemic. While many plan to restart flights in July, others are holding off until Government advice becomes clearer. Currently, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice states that travelling abroad is not permitted unless it is “essential”.


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This has been put in place “indefinitely” and is likely to last until at least next month.

This week, Home Secretary Priti Patel also updated the nation on the upcoming quarantine rules which will be put in place from June 8.

The rules state that anyone arriving into the country from abroad will be subject to stringent 14-day quarantine rules.

Anyone caught breaking the rules could be fined up to £1,000.

Although the future of the industry remains shaky, there are those with the travel bug who are desperate to go on holiday abroad.

Express.co.uk spoke exclusively with Travel risk expert Lloyd Figgins about how airlines will try and entice travellers to pay more for flights once travel restrictions are lifted.

Mr Figgins is also Chairman of the Travel Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP), which is an independent think-tank dedicated to improving knowledge, education and awareness of travel risk management.

He’s also the author of The Travel Survival Guide and often provides commentary in the media.

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For those looking for a cheap flight abroad in the near future, he explained that you could be in luck but at another cost.

He said: “In the early stages of people getting back to travelling you will see airlines enticing them [travellers] with some pretty good offers, actually.”

However, he warned that this will soon change.

He continued: “But I think in the longer term they’re going to have to recoup the losses that they have incurred.

“The longer term picture is not so bright.

“I think that travellers will be paying more for their flights until travel returns to what it was pre-COVID-19.”

Mr Figgins also added that airlines will need to try and reestablish consumer confidence in flying to secure its future.

“The key thing here is to reestablish consumer confidence and I think that at the moment the travel industry is really hurting – and I totally get that – but what I would say is that if the travel industry does anything to erode consumer confidence I think they will suffer long into the future.

“But if the travel industry gets this right and adopts robust travel risk management procedures in order to keep people safe during a time of such uncertainty it will secure its future.

“But if it rushes into a return to travel without those appropriate safety measures in place, it will take a very, very long time for it to recover.”

Lloyds Figgins’ book, The Travel Survival Guide, is available to buy on Amazon

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