Allianz’ TravelSmart App Now Provides Custom Health and Safety Notifications

Travel insurance and global assistance company Allianz Partners has just launched an important and timely upgrade inside its award-winning TravelSmart mobile app.

Among other new features, the app now includes an ‘Alert Center,’ which enables users to activate push notifications for location-specific travel advisories that could impact their upcoming trips. Travelers can now effortlessly stay up-to-date on new developments and conditions in their intended destinations, and stay a step ahead of any changes that need to be made.

The Alert Center uses geolocation technology to notify users of area-specific updates on situations and disruptions that might impact their trip, such as transportation issues, weather advisories, holiday closures and (top-of-mind during COVID-19) health and safety risks that may arise.

“When we think about returning to travel, our goal is to instill confidence in our customers to take that next trip,” said Daniel Durazo, Director of Marketing and Communications at Allianz Partners. “The latest update to our award-winning TravelSmart app can help travelers navigate real-life situations when the unpredictable happens—from hurricanes to health and security risks, the new Alert Center keeps travelers informed and prepared during their trip.”

The new Alert Center function also offers expert advice on the best ways to navigate such local disruptions, like apprising users of any additional time needed to reach their destination, and Allianz customers are provided ready access to 24/7 live help using the app’s existing, one-click ‘Contact’ button.

Other improvements made to the TravelSmart App 5.4 version include streamlined account-creation and password-reset functions, and an enhanced directory of over 14,000 ‘Preferred by Allianz’ facilities, accessible by tapping into the ‘Around Me’ feature, which allows users to easily locate urgent-care medical facilities, police stations, embassies and other essential services.

In a recent Allianz Partners survey, customers pointed to safety and security alerts as the second-most-important feature for inclusion in a travel insurance mobile app, surpassed only by the ability to file and track their claims. Travelers also cited the ability to locate hospitals or other local assistance, and an emergency panic button as an app’s most important features—functions which are already available on the TravelSmart app.

TravelSmart version 5.4 is free to download for iOS and Android and is available to all travelers, whether or not they have policies with Allianz. Anyone can take advantage of its useful features, such as the ‘Around Me’ search; a medical translator tool that provides first-aid terms; and contact information for local emergency services in different countries, including police, fire and ambulance services.

Allianz policyholders will find TravelSmart to be the fastest and easiest way to pull up their plan information, file and manage claims, track flights and stay apprised of flight delays and easily connect with 24-hour assistance and concierge services.

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