Best European cities for quality of life unveiled – will you be moving abroad in 2021?

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Europe is home to some truly magnificent cities brimming with stunning architecture, beautiful landscapes and rich history. Many Britons give living abroad a go during their lifetime, with some emigrating permanently. New research has revealed where you can enjoy the best quality of life on the continent.

Interestingly, the very best city for quality of life in Europe isn’t necessarily on travellers’ bucket lists.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, was shown to provide residents the best quality of life, according to a study by apartment rental brand Essential Living.

Each city within the study was awarded points based on elements such as air quality, pollution, quality of life, life expectancy, and green spaces.

Tallinn performed well with low pollution rates, low cost of living bills, and low crime rates.

However, despite this accolade, it is one of Europe’s least green cities.

It scored low on the number of playgrounds, forests, and bodies of water.

This suggests that a city with a low number of green spaces does not automatically mean that it will be heavily polluted, said Essential Living.

This is likely because Tallinn was the first European capital to offer free public transport to its citizens.

By implementing more sustainable modes of transport, they have been able to reduce the use of cars throughout the city and in turn, reduced the amount of air and noise pollution.

The second best city for quality of life in Europe in the study was Bucharest in Romania.

Next up was Lisbon which, interestingly, came in last position within Essential Living’s pollution index.

Dublin in the Republic of Ireland was the fourth-best city for quality of life followed by Prague in the Czech Republic.

Reykjavik in Iceland, Paris in France, Central London, Helsinki in Finland, and Zürich in Switzerland completed the top ten.

Paris also came out as Europe’s greenest city, scoring 40 out of 60 in the study.

The city ranked highly on the number of parks, gardens, and playgrounds plus the body of water.

With urban highways in the heart of Paris converted into promenades and entire neighbourhoods turning into pedestrian zones on Sundays, the city is working hard to build the eco-community of the future.

Amsterdam came in second place as one of the greenest cities in Europe.

The city is famed not only for its abundance of parks and green spaces but also for its eco-friendly attitude to transport and daily life

Brussels took the last position out of all the European cities in the study, with high pollution ratings, moderate cost of living index, and moderate property price to income ratio.

Meanwhile, Edinburgh came in joint last place with Tallinn as Europe’s least greenest cities, scoring low on the number of playgrounds, forests, and bodies of water.

The Best European Cities for Quality of Life Ranked

1. Tallinn

2. Bucharest

3. Lisbon

4. Dublin

5. Prague

6. Reykjavik

7. Paris

8. Central London

9. Helsinki

10. Zürich

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