‘Best thing’ – Britons share the essential electric items they always take on camping trip

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Camping Britons seem to be taking everything with them when heading on holidays. On social media, campers are sharing the electrical items they pack for their holidays, and everything they may need is included.

Sarah Kennerley asked on Facebook: “What electrical cooking items do you take with you when camping?

“Looking at switching from gas to electric.”

Camping Britons swarmed the comments with their essential items, and it’s not just a kettle that’s being packed.

Helen Richardson said: “Mini oven and twin hobs, slow cooker, tepanyaki grill.

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“Don’t always take them all, depends on where I’m going and for how long.”

Manda Jackson wrote: “Depends how long we’re going for if going for a weekend I take an induction hob and multi cooker.

“If going for a week, I take the induction hob and mini oven or convection oven with air fryer built in.”

While Laura Corr said: “We’ve just come home today, we took slow cooker for curry, stew, chilli bolognese and homemade soup etc and sandwich toaster.”

Lorraine Fullard was a fan of electric: “Best thing I did, electric hob is far safer than our old gas stove and electric heater with safety cut out if it gets knocked over. Electric kettle and toaster.”

And so was Kylie Walton: “Electric double hob. I love it and so much easier. I also take a toaster.”

Damien Green took: “Kettle, toaster, mini fridge, air fryer and oven.”

And Clair Royle said: “Electric two ring hob, mini oven, microwave, air fryer.”

Fiona Kelly only needed one thing: “Slow cooker.”

Wendy Snape took everything: “Take mini oven, hob, kettle, heater, hair dryer, small camp fridge, TV, DVD player.”

And she wasn’t the only one.

Rachel Bolsover said: “Hot plate, toaster, kettle, microwave, heater and mini fridge. Only use these if we are camping for more than three days.”

While Katie Becket wrote: “Slow cooker, travel kettle, electric grill/BBQ.

“Thinking of maybe taking our compact air fryer next time as well for chips etc.”

However, some camping Britons weren’t fans of electric.

Sean Collier said: “We don’t. Just gas. I’ve been to sites where the electric tripped nearly every hour. It’s not worth the risk.”

And Dominic Winterburn wrote: “Stopped taking gas electric or petrol stoves. I take a wood burning stove now.”
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