Brexit travel warning: Britons face ‘real risks’ for Europe holidays under no deal EU exit

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With the Brexit transition period deadline quickly approaching, questions have turned to how Britons’ travel around Europe will be affected. Which? Travel editor Rory Boland spoke to about what could be expected from 2021. He warned that exiting the EU without a deal could lead to flight prices shooting up to “extraordinary” levels.

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Mr Boland said: “If there is no deal and we backtrack on the current arrangements that we have, there are some real risks to our access to travel in Europe.

“One simple possibility is that we have to go into the other queue at airports in the EU.

“Essentially all our passports have to be checked in detail as they would check someone arriving from the US.

“The queues are going to be impossible. We would have to reduce the number of flights going in.”

He continued: “And if we reduce the number of flights then the price goes up extraordinarily.

“The way we are set up at the moment, so many of us holiday in Spain, France etc. frequently.

“Perhaps not right at the moment but we will get back to that stage again.

“We must have an arrangement that allows that to be friction-free.”

The travel expert added: “It can’t involve detailed checks of passports at airports in the EU.

“If it does, the way we holiday in Europe is going to fundamentally change.

“It will turn into something more akin to going to the United States.”

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Mr Boland told “Whether you are for Brexit or against Brexit, I don’t think anybody wants that.

“Everybody wants the ability to holiday in Europe with as little fuss as possible.

“So I hope there will be a resolution that is positive for holidaymakers in those terms.”

After the transition period, freedom of movement will no longer apply for the UK.

The transition period will come to an end on December 31.

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