British expats: Spain’s cheapest towns to buy a house named – ‘very beautiful’

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Real estate experts, idealista, have named the cheapest towns to buy a house in Spain. Where can British expats find a bargain in 2022?

The Spanish town with the cheapest house prices is Alcaudete de la Jara in the province of Toledo.

According to idealista data, homes cost an average of 349 euros (£292) per square metre in the town.

Just under two hours from Spain’s capital Madrid, Alcaudete de la Jara has around 2,000 residents.

A three bedroom apartment in the town is currently listed for just 12,500 euros (£10,458) with idealista although it would require renovations.

The second cheapest town in Spain was Fuente Obejuna in the beautiful province of Córdoba.

A short journey from Córdoba city, Fuente Obejuna has around 5,000 residents and an attractive sunny climate.

Homes in the town were very good value at an average of 352 euros (£294) per square metre.

Expats who opt to move to Fuente Obejuna will have many culinary delights to sample.

Traditional dishes include carne de caza (game) and lomo de orza (a stuffed pork dish).

The third cheapest town was also located in Toledo province. Houses in El Carpio de Tajo cost just 357 euros (£298) per square metre.

El Carpio de Tajo draws its name from a historic castle that was located on the banks of the Caprio stream.

One visitor said the town’s plaza was “a very beautiful square with arcades and the occasional terrace”.

British expats who opt to settle in Toledo province should try carcamusa, a traditional stew made with beef, tomatoes, onion and white wine.

The fourth cheapest town in Spain was Zújar in the Southern province of Granada. Surrounded by mountains, the town has incredible views.

Property in the town cost an average of 386 euros (£323) per square metre offering plenty of bargains.

The town boasts the Zújar spa which sits in the foothills of the Jabalcón mountain. The spa’s water was declared to be mineral-medicinal in 1928.

It is said to be excellent for soothing rheumatic and metabolic medical conditions while the nearby area offers fantastic horse riding and hiking.

Rounding off the top five cheapest towns to buy a house in Spain was another beautiful town in Córdoba.

Belmez has around 3,000 residents and property costs just 392 euros (£327) per square metre, according to idealista.

The pretty town’s mountaintop castle is a tourist attraction and visitors can enjoy incredible views of the surrounding landscape from the historical site.

Expats who opt to buy in Belmez will be just an hour outside the beautiful city of Córdoba, a top tourist destination in Spain.

Cheapest towns to buy a house in Spain (idealista)

  1. Alcaudete de la Jara, Toledo
  2. Fuente Obejuna,Córdoba
  3. El Carpio de Tajo, Toledo
  4. Zujar, Granada
  5. Belmez, Córdoba
  6. Almadén, Ciudad Real
  7. Mota del Cuervo, Cuenca
  8. Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo,Córdoba
  9. Cebolla, Toledo
  10. Horcajo de Santiago, Cuenca

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