British tourists need to pay £6.20 to enter the EU without a visa from next year

We all knew that changes would happen to our travel after Brexit – and in 2022 a big new change is coming for those who enter mainland Europe.

British holidaymakers will need to pay €7 (£6.20) to enter as part of the bloc’s new travel system.

The new fee will apply to any tourists who do not require a visa to visit countries like France, Spain and Greece.

You’ll need to fill out an online application form to enter which costs £6.20 in order to be approved or denied.

The results will come “within minutes” of submitting the form in most cases, but in “limited cases” further checks may need to be made which have a wait of up to 30 days to get an answer.

In the application, you’ll need to supply personal details, information about recent travel and any criminal history you have.

If approved, the visa will be valid for three years so you should try and get it filled in around 30 days prior to your trip to make sure you have an answer in time to fly.

The visa will apply to Brits travelling into the EU by road, boat and plane.

A spokesman from the EU commission said that 95% of applications are expected to result in an automatic approval, reports the Metro.

The new rules are part of the EU’s European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS).

It will be similar to the scheme currently available to Brits traveling to the US – the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) – which allows UK citizens to enter without a visa.

The UK currently doesn’t have plans to enforce a similar system and has a visa-free scheme in place for European travellers.

The EITAS was originally scrapped by the EU in 2016, but since the UK chose the leave the bloc it was brought back to remove the need for complicated visa applications.

Airlines must check that passengers have permission to enter Schengen countries and so those that don’t will be denied boarding.

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