Cheapest places to visit in the New Year and best days to book for ‘massive deals’

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Britons can visit Tenerife for under a tenner, fly to Dubai for Valentine’s Day and save 90 percent on Maldives holidays by choosing the right day.

Luxury travel operator Destination2 has calculated the cheapest days for early 2022 travel.

Fares from £6 mean winter sun-seekers can get a travel bargain by booking strategically.

Travellers can save 89 percent on Maldives holidays and 90 percent on Turkey getaways by flying on the right day.

The analysis revealed the cheapest days to jet off on an early holiday to kick off 2022.

The research looked at the most popular destinations for UK travellers and found the cheapest days to fly next spring.

Britons who are willing to book in early 2022 can get some huge savings.


Flights for Maldives holidays can be booked for as little as £212 from London Heathrow.

The cheap flights are available just after New Year’s Eve, on January 2.

Travellers who want to wait until after the festive break will be looking at a significant price hike.

The most expensive day to travel to Malé, Maldives, in spring 2022 is January 22, when flights are £1,979, which is over 89 percent more expensive than 20 days earlier.


Holidaymakers could jet off on a holiday to Turkey for just £6 by flying on March 7.

The bargain is also a massive saving compared to the end of the month, when fares shoot up to £61.

Malta, Portugal, Greece and Spain

Britons can find flights to Malta on January 19 for just £7, Portugal or Greece for £8, or Tenerife for under a tenner (£7 on January 2 and £9 on March 1).

Will Collins, Digital Marketing Manager at Destination2, said: “There are some massive deals to be had on festive winter sun holidays this year.

“We’ve seen a big upturn in demand for bucket-list destinations like the Maldives and Dubai, with so many of us ready to splash out on a big holiday with loved ones after a year and a half of travel lockdowns.

“We predict New Year travel will be at its most popular this year.”

Best days to book for the cheapest New Year breaks

Maldives: March 2

Portugal: August 1

Dubai: February 14

Malta: January 19

Barbados: January 3

Croatia: March 27

Spain: January 2

Iceland: January 1

Greece: January 12

Turkey: January 7

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